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The Legacy I Leave Will Be Greater Than Me

podcast May 22, 2024

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EPISODE 100—We have hit the century mark for our published episodes, and we want to thank each and every one of you for tuning in to us.

This episode is a very special one for us because this is where we are giving our listeners insights into our past, ringside seats to our present lives, and a vision board to how we are trying to shape our future and our daughter’s futures as well. The definition of the word “Legacy” is something that is passed on. Yet like most things, Legacy can take on many forms. A Legacy may be monetary or your assets, or like we discussed in earlier episodes about Generational Wealth compared to Generational Assets.

In the year of 2024, we as African Americans are seeing increases in certain areas. but decreases in others. These conditions have come about mainly due to legacies that were established well before the time captured at this moment. Those legacies left influence, money, and power to control the factors, measures, and decisions that benefit them the most. In this episode we talk about how we are now dealing with Legacies that are now spanning multiple generations, connecting past, present, and future, relaying messages of hope, fight, determination, knowledge, and perseverance.

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