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The Intersection of Podcasting and Purpose: A Conversation with Dr. Vibe

podcast February 18, 2024

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In this installment of Afros & Audio’s Black History Month interview series, host Talib Jasir, the founder and CEO of Afros & Audio Podcast Festival interviews special guest Dr. Vibe, the creator of the Dr. Vibe Show.

Dr. Vibe reflects on his journey in the podcasting industry, discussing how he got started and the evolution of his show. He offers insightful advice for aspiring content creators, emphasizing the importance of starting simple, being genuinely interested in the audience, maintaining consistency, and understanding the importance of relationships in success.

He discusses his partnership with Dove Men Care Plus and provides advice on securing partnerships and sponsorships. Dr. Vibe also shares his thoughts about the role of online broadcasting in promoting and sustaining Black narratives and culture. 

00:00 Introduction and Guest Welcome 00:44 Origin of the Name ‘Dr. Vibe’ 02:11 The Evolution of the Dr. Vibe Show 02:30 The Journey of Starting a Podcast 06:29 The Importance of Community and Connections 07:29 The Impact of the Dr. Vibe Show 09:27 Partnership with Dove Men Plus Care 15:12 The Canadian Podcasting Scene 21:50 Advice for Podcasters Seeking Sponsorships 26:20 The Importance of Showing Up and Being Intentional 27:29 Advice for New Content Creators: Persistence and Humility 28:58 The Reality of Quitting YouTube and Diversifying Your Platform 30:49 The Power of Trust and Community in Content Creation 31:52 Reflecting on Achievements and Legacy 33:16 The Succession Planning and Talent Scouting 35:38 The Role of Podcasts in Promoting and Sustaining Black Culture 39:38 Future Projects and Goals: Growing a Team and Sharing Stories 51:11 The Power of Your Story and Final Thoughts 51:58 Closing Remarks and Contact Information

To learn more visit:



Contact Dr. VIbe: dr.vibe@thedrvibeshow.com

Join Black Podcaster’s Association: bit.ly/BPACommunity

Learn more about the 6th Annual Afros & Audio Podcast Festival, October 18-20, 2024 in Baltimore, MD: www.afrosandaudio.com

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed by guests of Afros & Audio’s Black History Month interview series are their own and do not reflect the values, mission, or business of Talib Jasir, Afros & Audio, Black Podcasters Association, Vanguard Podcast Network, or any other names, podcasts, events, businesses, or organizations mentioned in the video or audio of this series unless explicitly stated.

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