Tech’s Impact on Modern Sales

podcast March 5, 2024

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Ever wonder how top brands create ads that resonate with you on a personal level? In this episode of Startup Hustle, Matt Watson dives into AI-powered marketing with Matt Swalley, Co-founder and Chief Business Officer of Omneky.

Discover how Omneky’s platform leverages cutting-edge AI to:

  • Craft hyper-personalized ads: Target different age groups, cultures, and individuals with tailored messages that resonate.
  • Generate and optimize ad creatives: Unleash the power of AI to test and refine your ad content for maximum impact, even with limited budgets.
  • Automate ad buying and management: Free up your time and resources by letting AI handle tedious tasks across platforms like LinkedIn and Meta.

Matt and Matt also discuss:

  • The evolution of AI technology, including the impact of GPT-3 and GPT-4 on Omneky’s platform.
  • The future of AI-powered content creation, from image generation to video production.
  • How agencies and brands can leverage AI to scale their marketing efforts and personalize the customer journey.

Join us as we explore the exciting possibilities of AI in marketing and discover how it can help your business thrive!


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Highlighted Discussion Points:

  • AI and marketing with Omneky founder Matt Squally. 0:32
  • AI-powered ad generation and personalization. 1:21
  • AI-powered ad creative optimization. 6:02
  • AI-powered ad creative generation for various businesses. 11:59
  • AI-powered content creation and its future. 17:20
  • Marketing strategies and AI-generated content. 22:50
  • Digital advertising, sales, and marketing strategies. 29:03


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