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Stash Audiobook Excerpt: Chapter Four

podcast May 5, 2023

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Last time, we talked about how audiobooks have become one of the nation’s largest bookseller’s most popular formats, accounting for 50% of books that hit number one – isn’t that amazing? 

I had the pleasure of reading my debut memoir, Stash My Life In Hiding myself for audio. Scott and I want to share some Stash excerpts with you and today you’ll hear a section from Chapter Four, where I wrote about my first-ever experience with Ambien and how it changed my life.

But first, a little housekeeping: 

This Audio excerpt is courtesy of Simon & Schuster Audio from STASH by Laura Cathcart Robbins, read by the author. Copyright © 2023 by Laura Cathcart Robbins. Used with permission of Simon & Schuster, Inc.

Now, please enjoy this brief excerpt titled: Chapter 4. 

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