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Scale Your Business to $1M: The 5 C’s of Success for Women of Color with Betty Hines

podcast March 24, 2023

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Scale Your Business to $1M:  The 5 C’s of Success for Women of Color with Betty Hines – Episode 101


Ready to level up? Want tips from someone who has done this for herself now empowering other women to do the same? Betty Hines is that woman.

Betty is a woman who turned a rich career in corporate into entrepreneurship.  She started W.E.W.; W.omen E.levating W.omen to invest in and elevate the lives of other women.  

Betty shares her 5 C’s of Success for Women of Color and their impact on living a successful life for the underestimated; women of color. Increased Collaboration and Connecting are just two ways to step things up.  

Scale Your Business

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In this episode with Betty Hines, we talk about:

  • [] Elevating Life

  • [0:16] Women Helping Women

    • How the business conference W.omen E.levating W.omen (W.E.W.) came about

  • [1:06] Collaborative Communication

    • The introduction of Collaborative Pathways, W.E.W.’s conference(s)

  • [2:54] Effectively Communicate

    • How Betty defines her 5 C’s of Success for effective communication and beyond




Do you want more out of life? Are you ready to live boldly in pursuit of your dreams? 

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Deneen is a Women Motivational Speaker and the Creator & Host of the Women of Color: An Intimate Conversation (Formerly An Intimate Conversation with Women of Color) Podcast, which she launched in 2020. 

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                                         Elevating Life


Women Helping Women

 Why is it important to impact the lives of other women of color? Betty shares her vision of why she started Women Elevating Women (W.E.W.).

Betty Hines: “It was a vision that I had several years ago after over 20 years working with women who are entrepreneurs and executives. I saw some characteristics that we were lacking. I had a powwow with my family advisors, my son and my daughter, and they said, you know, women elevating women because I wanted to continue to elevate women. I didn’t want them to make the same missteps I made.”

Elevating other women of color is critical in our collective growth and how we empower one another.


Life has a funny way of making the unexpected happen. Betty and I met IRL for the 1st time at the Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit.  #BEWPS is a national conference celebrating Black women.

Women’s Organizations

 Women Presidents Organization. Betty is a WPO Platinum III Chair and recently elected to the Board ofDirectors. www.women-presidents.com.

 They have 138 Chapters around the world and aggregate revenues are $23B+ 

 Women Elevating Women ( W.E.W.) Betty’s organization is 5 years young. They provide resources, opportunities, access to capital and information to women who are making six figures and want to scale to $1M.

 We are the exclusive feeder into this group. Visit   www.wewcrew.com.

Collaborative Communication

What is Collaborative Pathways and who does it serve? Betty answers this. 

Betty Hines: “Collaborative Pathways is  our conference. We have five pillars and each time we do a conference we take one of our pillars. Collaboration is one of our pillars which was the focus of our domestic conference in the DC area.  We allowed the women to all get together along with our sponsors, JP Morgan Chase, and other key sponsors. They had a chance to interact, tell their experiences, tell their stories, and also make their ask. I’m a firm believer that in order for you to have a pathway to scale, you’re not going to do it by yourself and you need to do one of those pillars.”

 Betty is a true believer in supporting women and bringing others along to help.  

Effectively Communicate

Betty talks about four of the 5 pillars or her 5 C’s to Success; Communicate, Connect, Courage, Cultivate, and Collaborate and their importance and impact.


Betty Hines:  “Your network is your net worth is part of our Connected pillar. And another area that I find that is needed is the communicate pillar. The Communicate pillar really falls in the area of branding, and people. We stay away from the personal branding. And it’s important to have the personal branding that identifies who you are and what your business is about. Align your business values with that personal brand. And you want people to be able to tell that story.”

Helpful Tip: “I tell women to spend that extra nickel to get a business email. Mine is betty@bettyhines.com.”

Courage to take care of your health and your wealth. During COVID,  women entrepreneurs and executives had kids at home, preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner when normally someone else did that and also support and cleaning. They found themselves doing all of that. You’re stuck in there for a while pulling out your hair.  So it was important that we we take care of our health and then the wealth so you need to leave that legacy.

 And we believe that Cultivate color is about reaching back to the youth.”

Being an elevated or empowered woman requires action. Giving back or paying it forward it always a key component to elevating life.

What is a MOU and EFP?

In this episode, Betty talks about MOU and EFP.  Definitions below.

MOU=A memorandum of understanding is an agreement between two or more parties outlined in a formal document. It is not legally binding but signals the willingness of the parties to move forward with a contract.

EFP=Executive financial planning helps coordinate your financial life across varying levels of wealth and financial complexity.

Memorable Quotes from Betty

“I’m a firm believer that in order for you to have a pathway to scale, you’re not going to do it by yourself.”

“Get outside your zip code.”

“I’m not that auntie that’s gonna keep the sweet potato pie recipe to my grave.”


About Betty Hines

Betty Hines is a leading business strategist with 20+ years of experience working directly with C-Level women executives globally assisting them to grow their bottom line. 

As a former executive in a Fortune 100 company for more than fifteen years, Betty uses her firsthand knowledge and extensive background to educate and equip her clients with the tips, tools, techniques, and resources needed in the ever-changing business climate.    

From powerful mastermind group settings to impactful one-on-one consulting, Betty positions her clients for sustained success.



Website: https://wewcrew.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/women.elevating/?hl=en

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WomenElevating

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/MsBusinessBuilder

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bettyhollandhines/

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