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S22E12: Never Have I Ever: 6 Powerful Insights for Decision-Making

June 21, 2024

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Hey lady! This week it’s game time! That’s right, this week Dr. Dom and Terri play the classic game “Never Have I Ever” as a way to discuss their decision-making processes and how they keep a growth mindset in their self-development toolbelt. Life is full of lessons and can be a beautiful adventure if you allow yourself to apply them. So, how are you adding dimension and color to your story? And, how can you expand your point-of-view in a way that removes judgment and expands your capacity to have a psychologically rich experience?

Terri and Dr. Dom offer powerful insights for increasing your ability to make solid decisions, but they spill hot tea in the Aftershow about where some of those decisions have taken them. Check them out on Patreon! 

1. Embrace New Experiences     
“Never have I ever” moments often highlight things we’ve never tried. Step out of your comfort zones and try new activities. 
Lesson: Life is enriched by new experiences. Don’t be afraid to try something new, even if it seems daunting at first.

2. Learn from Missed Opportunities 
Reflect on things you haven’t done and consider why. Was it fear, lack of opportunity, or something else?    
Lesson: Understanding the reasons behind your “never” moments can provide insight and help you overcome barriers in the future.

3. Value of Shared Experiences     
Sharing “Never Have I Ever” stories can foster connections and understanding. It can be surprising to see how much you have in common with others. 
Lesson: Shared experiences, even those you haven’t had yet, can bring people together and create a sense of community.

4. Growth Through Challenges 
Identify times when trying something new led to personal growth or overcoming a challenge. 
Lesson: Challenging yourself to try new things, even if they’re outside your comfort zone, can lead to significant personal growth.

5. Appreciate Individual Journeys 
Everyone’s list of “Never Have I Ever” will be different. Appreciate and respect each person’s unique journey.     
Lesson: Everyone’s life path is unique, and that’s what makes our stories rich and diverse.

6. Reflect on the Past, Plan for the Future 
Reflect on things you’ve never done and consider making a list of things you’d like to try in the future.    
Lesson: Reflecting on the past can help set meaningful goals for the future.

Quote of the Day:
“I don’t have to be perfect. All I have to do is show up and enjoy the messy, imperfect, and beautiful journey of my life.” 
— Kerry Washington  

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