“Rock, Paper, Scissors”

podcast April 22, 2021

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(00:00) On the heels of Brett Favre saying he finds it “hard to believe (Derek Chauvin) intentionally meant to kill George Floyd,” Michael Smith and Michael Holley say they want to hear less and less from the ex-NFL quarterback.

(14:37) The brothers react to the fallout of LeBron James deleting a tweet about the police officer who fatally shot Ma’Khia Bryant

(30:35) Props to Russell Westbrook for another great performance but will it be enough for a playoff push?

(41:38) Reese Waters drops by to discuss Russell Westbrook, Washington DC gaining statehood and his reaction to the Chauvin conviction

(59:25) Our brother Simms breaks out the notebook for a deep dive into the upcoming NFL draft and review his favorite prospects

(1:26:25) Holley and Smith reveal how the New York Knicks have transformed a rebuilding effort into potentially hosting a playoff series.

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