Relationship Status: The Effects of Social Media- Episode 30

podcast September 15, 2021

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This episode had the ladies somewhat divided on their views of the effects of social media. Listen is as they discuss
Social media’s influence on relationships (3:31)
Scroll addiction (10:34)
Say no if you’re insecure (13:04)
Faux “relationship goals” (15:29)
Be present in the moment (20:25)
Excessive partner posts (22:31)
Would you unfollow for love? (27:19)
Snooping (32:21)
SM love letters (36:15)
Side chick superpower (38:06)
When is it ok to post your new boo? (40:20)
Don’t post your personal biz (44:41)
To follow or not to follow an ex (46:02)
Joint SM accounts??(52:50)

In this week’s Food for Thought (F4T), Kay talks about how the Internet is rewiring our brains as it promotes multitasking and cursory reading which affects our ability to focus and think linearly (55:31).

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