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Redefining Your Path & Finding True Success with Jaz Turner

June 3, 2024

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Ashley sits down with social media superstar Jaz Turner, known for her inspiring content on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. Jaz delves into her journey from quitting law school to creating content full time, sharing valuable insights on maintaining authenticity, preventing burnout, and the power in telling your story. Jaz’s story will encourage you to embrace your individuality, and your passions but also motivate you to get serious about your self -care. Ashley & Jaz also talk about how to find your tribe in a crowded social media space, overcoming hardships, and how to stop doing things that don’t make you happy. Buckle up boo, if you’re looking to make a pivot in your life, or just trying to create cool & authentic content….this episode is for you. 

Watch the full interview on YouTube, starting Wednesday June 5th here!

Connect with Jaz Turner here!

Episode Timestamps:

07:40 Navigating your internal & external identities in early adulthood

16:18 Taking pride in your achievements

17:42 Struggling with life’s challenges and uncertainties, questioning whether on the right path or not

24:35 Building courage to take the next step in life

28:21 Embracing solitude, self-discovery and empowerment

37:50 How to connect genuinely with community through content creation

41:30 Consistency, creating fresh content, & the privacy balance for success

48:53 Excellent advice for overcoming fear of talking on videos

58:33 The TikTok ban & importance of detachment in a changing industry.

01:05:06 Sharing your story resonates with and inspires others to do the same

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