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Own Your Problems and Offer Incentives – Dave & Donni

podcast December 31, 1969

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This is a clip from : Pay Me Back! – Episode #250 w/ David & Donni

As entrepreneurs, business owners, and visionaries, what makes us trustworthy? What are some of the signs to be aware of before you are in danger of losing out on business and more opportunity? Lack of consistency, making mistakes repeatedly, overpromising and lack of follow through are all symptoms of a business teetering with loss of trust from their customers/clients. In this episode we will dive into How To Build Brand Trust and :

– Honesty and Integrity : our need to stay true to our word, follow up with action , and execute on publicly declared intentions.

– Under Promising and Over Delivering : how to make small promises with guarantees and seeking to give more than what your client/customers ask for.

– Responding to Criticism : the importance of handling the honesty, critique, and feedback of your clients/customers with class, grace, and an open approach.

– The Power of Loyalty Programs : giving those who do business with you repeatedly incentives to continue doing business with you and becoming raving fans.

– Hiring Well and Highlighting Reviews: making the right calls on who is a part of your team and bringing the spotlight to stories of success within your organization.

and so much more!

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