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Our Marriage Truths: What Actually WORKS For Us (Ep. 1)

podcast January 1, 2024

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We're not here to preach perfection; Instead, we offer insights from our perspective—a happily married couple navigating life and love together. Each challenge we've faced has been a lesson in understanding, patience, and resilience.

In this episode we catch up on our recent growth together, challenges we see many couples, battling today, and our views on navigating most relationship advice. We share our unique perspective of what's really worked for us in our marriage as well as discuss our vision for the way ahead with the One Dope Couple Podcast.

Connect with us and join a community that celebrates love, authenticity, and personal growth. Whether you're in a relationship or aspiring to be in one, we share our stories with the hope that they resonate, inspire, and offer a fresh viewpoint to your journey.

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0:00 – Intro
0:35 – Catching Up: Relationship Updates
2:16 – Sharing Our Marriage Journey
8:29 – Celebrating Love and Relationships
10:25 – Choosing Healthy Relationship Perspectives
10:57 – Navigating Marriage Challenges
18:09 – Social Media vs. Reality in Relationships
20:04 – Individuality in Marriage
27:50 – Future Aspirations as a Couple
33:15 – The Importance of Sharing Our Love Story
34:50 – Content Consumption and Its Effect on Relationships
39:40 – Conclusion
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