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Office Politics : Winning In Corporate America – Episode #247 w/ Christy Rutherford

podcast December 31, 1969

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Christy Rutherford has helped her corporate clients gain more than $14,000,000 in raises to date! As an Executive Leadership Coach, Hard Business School Alumni, and 5-Time Best Selling Author, she has a mission to help women break through the glass ceiling. Her story is inspirational, memorable, and noteworthy as it reminds us to never give up and be willing to pivot when it is time. In this episode we’ll unpack her accomplished military career, journey to hitting rock bottom, and the ascension to the top of the most high achieving women’s list of advisors.

We’ll also tap into :  

  • High Achieving Women & Family Balance : how she helps women navigate their needs while working through the demands on them at work and home. 
  • Introverted VS. Extroverted : which personality type wins more frequently in business and corporate America . 
  • The Connection Between Self Care and Promotions : why your mindset, self-care, and ability to advocate for yourself opens up room for promotions and larger opportunities. 
  • Salary Negotiation & Self Worth : Why corporations are more interested in keeping you thank you think! 
  • Removing Obstacles and Barriers That Hold You Back : how to uproot and reprogram your thinking and approach to obtaining the wins you desire. 
  • Coaching, Healing, and Self Assessment : how being in community, under a trusted team of advisors, and looking in the mirror helps to skyrocket your earning potential. 

And so much more!

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