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Numerology for Self-Discovery with Josh Siegel

podcast November 2, 2023

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Each modality that we’ve featured on Deeply Well offers a different way to translate and empower your learning for self-discovery. It is important to us to expound and share different tools that best help you navigate your life as the unique soul that you are. Today we explore connecting numbers to a higher meaning, a scientific theory that goes back thousands of years.

Josh Siegel found how mathematics connected to the mysterious to be a perfect intersection. Siegel is recognized as one of the foremost authorities on numerology in the United States. He has brought a fresh and compelling new face to this ancient science by translating the mystical system of numbers into the modern mindset of today.

Numerology is the algorithm to why you’re here and what you’re here to learn. Do you know your life path number and what it means?

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