New Series: Bible on Business

podcast December 31, 1969

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In this episode, Tatum introduces a new series titled "Bible on Business." She emphasizes the importance of being disciples in our businesses and the necessity of going back to the Bible to be properly developed by the Lord. Tatum shares personal experiences and insights on how Christian entrepreneurs can shift their focus from sales to souls and better steward their God-given assignments.

Key Points:

  • Introduction:
  • Tatum announces a new series called "Bible on Business."
  • The goal is to journey through the Bible to become better disciples in our businesses, not just to seek immediate results.
  • Purpose of the Series:
  • God strategically places believers in the marketplace to meet real needs and win souls.
  • The importance of being disciples and properly stewarding our businesses as Christian entrepreneurs.
  • Personal Experience:
  • Tatum shares an encounter at a laundromat that inspired her to think about the impact of Christian business owners.
  • Reflects on her own journey of learning to do business God’s way with limited resources but abundant revelation from the Lord.
  • Challenges in the Christian Entrepreneur Space:
  • The danger of information overload and the distraction of many voices in the Christian business community.
  • The need to focus on being properly developed by the Lord rather than jumping from one source of advice to another.
  • The Enemy’s Tactics:
  • Tatum discusses her personal battles with the mind and how the enemy uses distractions to hinder her gift of discernment.
  • Importance of staying locked into moments and being present to activate spiritual gifts.
  • Shift in Business Focus:
  • Transition from focusing on sales and growth to shepherding and serving people.

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