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My Husband Recklessly Spent The Down Payment For Our New House

podcast April 8, 2024

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"Financial Strain: When Your Spouse Doesn't Save for the Down Payment"
Join Erin The Renegade, Amanda, Rico Hundo, and Romeo for a candid discussion about a challenging financial situation within a marriage. In this episode, the cast explores the dilemma of a wife whose husband failed to save his share of the down payment for their house, despite their agreed-upon savings plan.

Tune in as they delve into the complexities of financial trust, differing spending habits, and the impact of money issues on relationships. They share insights on communication strategies, navigating financial disagreements, and finding a path forward in the face of unexpected financial setbacks.

If you've ever faced financial strain or struggled with differing approaches to money within a relationship, this episode offers valuable perspectives and advice.

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