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“Mothers Know Best?” Celebrating Moms | First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage S5E15

podcast May 7, 2024

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🌷 Happy Mother's Day! This special episode of "First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage" is a heartfelt tribute to all the moms out there. As we celebrate Mother's Day, we dive into the timeless adage, "Mothers know best." Join us for Episode 15 as we unpack this well-worn saying, sharing personal stories about our own mothers and mothers-in-law and exploring the wisdom (and sometimes, the humor) that comes with it.Is "Mothers know best" an absolute truth or a comforting myth? We'll share tales of when our moms' advice was spot-on, and perhaps a few times when things didn't quite go as mom predicted. From touching anecdotes to hilarious misadventures, get ready for an episode filled with emotions and laughter.We'd love to hear your stories too! How has your mom or mother-in-law been right… or maybe not so right? Did her advice lead you to success or teach you a valuable lesson in its own unexpected way? Share your experiences in the comments below and join our celebration of all things mom.👍 Don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe for more heartfelt discussions. And to all the mothers listening, we wish you a joyous and wonderful Mother's Day filled with love and appreciation!#FirstComesLovePodcast #MothersKnowBest #MothersDaySpecial #CelebrateMoms #FamilyWisdom #SubscribeAndCelebrate

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