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MM #207: Return of GameStop Craze, Meme Stocks Skyrocket, Urban Devolvement & 7B Plan for Detroit & Cleveland

podcast December 31, 1969

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Join us this week on Market Mondays as we delve into pressing topics shaping the tech and financial landscapes. In this episode, we discuss:

1. **The Future of Apple**: Are we seeing the decline of Apple, or is this just a shift in their market strategy? We analyze the current challenges and opportunities facing Apple.

2. **Apple & OpenAI Partnership**: With Apple and OpenAI close to integrating ChatGPT into iPhones, we explore the key takeaways from this collaboration. Who stands to gain the most from this deal, and what can other companies learn from this tech alliance?

3. **GameStop's Surprising Surge**: The GameStop stock frenzy returns, spurred by a significant tweet. What does this mean for traders and the market at large?

4. **E*Trade Closure**: The shutdown of E*Trade marks a significant shift in online trading. We'll discuss the implications for investors and the broader financial landscape.

5. **Stock Market Insights**: We cover a tough week for Intel, with a 40% year-to-date drop, and provide insights into whether it might be time to buy. Plus, we preview earnings for major companies like Alibaba, Lionsgate, Sony, and more, giving our predictions on who will exceed expectations.

6. **Trading Tips and Market Predictions**: Get our future trading tip of the week and learn why Chipotle's market cap has surpassed Starbucks', exploring what other fast-food giants are contenders for the top spots.

Additionally, we have a special segment with esteemed real estate executive Kofi Bonner, discussing his impactful work in urban development, his experiences in the NFL, and his strategic focus on revitalizing downtown areas in major cities.

**Tune in for expert analysis and strategic insights that could help shape your investment and business decisions!**

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