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Mentra’s Jhillika Kumar is on a Mission to Empower the Neurodivergent Workforce

podcast July 10, 2024

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On this episode of “B The Way Forward,” host Brenda Darden Wilkerson and guest Jhillika Kumar discuss her passion to empower the neurodivergent community. Jhillika’s list of accolades started at a young age including the AnitaB.org Student of Vision Award, her inspiring Ted Talk and Forbes 30 Under 30 recognition. Jhillka is the CEO and founder of Mentra, an employment network committed to matching neurodivergent individuals with employers. From a young age, Jhillika was inspired to build an inclusive world and place for her non-speaking, autistic brother to thrive. Now, she’s offering advice and guidance to communities of students and neurodivergent individuals and helping them find opportunities in the workforce. Jhillika’s company has found great success so far with around 44,000 neurodivergent job seekers on their platform today and an investment from OpenAI co-founder and CEO Sam Altman. Jhillika and Brenda discuss why it’s important for hiring managers to understand intersectionality and learn how people can have differences ranging from life experiences, cultures, gender identities, and more. Plus, Jhillika offers her advice for other young entrepreneurs looking to make a change in the world. 

“Our company serves as Mentors to both job seekers, because we empower them through the journey to find a job, to navigate interviews and all the executive functioning involved in that complicated process, to mentoring the recruiters on how do you communicate with someone who’s neurodivergent and thinks differently? How do you evaluate talent? How do you overcome the bias that you might have because someone behaves a certain different way or speaks differently?”

For more of Jhillika and her work check out:

LinkedIn – /jhillika

Instagram – @jhillika

X – @Jhillika

Facebook – /jhillika

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