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Master Futures Trading & Bitcoin Insights

podcast December 31, 1969

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Welcome back to another clip of Market Mondays! In this video, our hosts Ian Dunlap, Rashad Bilal, and Troy Millings dive deep into the essentials of futures trading and share exclusive insights on Bitcoin's performance and its future projections. Whether you're a seasoned trader or a newbie in the investing world, this episode packs a wealth of knowledge to enhance your trading strategies and understanding of cryptocurrency movements.


0:00 – Introduction

0:02 – Futures Tip of the Week with Ian Dunlap

1:45 – Discussing Bitcoin Halving and Long-Term Investment Strategies

3:15 – Book Recommendations for Aspiring Entrepreneurs and Investors


– **Futures Trading**: Ian Dunlap discusses why traders should consider markets like the S&P 400 and less crowded trades such as the British Pound or the Swiss Franc. He emphasizes the importance of trading in markets that aren't saturated but still offer enough liquidity for easy wins. Learn why timing and choosing the right market can mean the difference between profit and loss.

– **Bitcoin Halving and Returns**: The team discusses the impact of Bitcoin halving events on its price and long-term investment returns. With historical data suggesting significant returns post-halving, Ian advises holding Bitcoin through multiple cycles for substantial gains.

– **Investment Strategy Simplicity**: Ian highlights the importance of a simple investment strategy, stressing on holding investments over time rather than looking for short-term excitement.

– **Book Recommendation**: Ian recommends "Blue Ocean Strategy" for anyone interested in building a business or investing in companies that carve out unique market spaces. A must-read to understand how to succeed by going against the tide and finding less competitive but lucrative niches.

*For Viewers:*

– Are you trading futures or holding any cryptocurrencies? What strategies have worked best for you?

– What are your thoughts on long-term investment in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies?

– Have you read "Blue Ocean Strategy"? How has it influenced your business or investment decisions?

Drop your questions and insights in the comments below! Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and hit the bell icon to stay updated with more content from Market Mondays.

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