Making Impressive, Basic Meals and Becoming a Food Blogger w/ A Cozy Kitchen

podcast April 14, 2021 4

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Have you ever followed someone on IG and wondered if they were as cool IRL as they are on the gram? That’s the thought we had when we started following Adrianna of @acozykitchen. Turns out, she’s even better in real life than online! We had the pleasure of sliding in her DMs early in the pandemic and discovered that she’s super fun, cool, genuine and a boss!

Today on the podcast we chat it up with Adrianna about allll the things, including what her kitchen really looks like behind the scenes (hint: it’s a hot mess, just like ours) and how she went from a film major to a full-time food content creator.

In This Episode We’ll Cover: •  What Adrianna does with all of those recipe leftovers•  Her favorite way to throw together a #saladthatdoesntsuck•  A quick (and unique) meal idea that had our mouths watering•  Her tips for keeping it fun in the kitchen amidst pandemic fatigue•  TikTok trends she wishes would die already & MORE

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