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Living With Vaginismus Feat. Naomi Jones

podcast April 3, 2024

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Trust me, you’ll want to throw on your headphones for this one! In this episode, our guest Naomi Jones discusses her intimate journey of living with vaginismus. Naomi walks us through awkward teen talks with her mom, a cringe gyno appointment at 17, how sex scenes in tv/film misinform society, and the trials/tribulations of trying to understand her body when sex seems like the enemy. Mandii B and Naomi also discuss the importance of communication and comfort in intimacy, understanding sexual anxiety, the power of positivity, and the misconceptions of virginity. So stay with us as Naomi brings both light-hearted moments and profound insights, sharing not just her struggles but also her victories and the lessons she’s learned along the way. This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to understand more about vaginismus, seeking encouragement through similar experiences, or aiming to become a more supportive partner. Let’s begin. 🤞🏽Finding Support: Discover how therapy and a second medical opinion were pivotal in diagnosing Naomi with vaginismus, highlighting the power of perseverance and professional guidance. 🧘🏾‍♀️Mental and Physical Solutions: Naomi takes us through her therapeutic process, discussing the invaluable role of breathing techniques, relaxation, and trust-building in overcoming vaginismus. 🪢 The Dilator Diaries: Naomi provides a raw account of her experience using vaginal dilators, emphasizing the patience required in the process and celebrating her progress through persistence. 🥳 Personal Victories: Cheer on Naomi as she recounts her victory over vaginismus at the age of 21, a true testament to the transformative impact of a supportive and understanding partner. 🗣️ Ask the Experts: Echoing Naomi’s advice, we encourage you not to dismiss painful experiences but rather seek the help of professionals who can provide the right tools and mental strategies. Connect with us: Host: Mandii B @Fullcourtpumps Guest: Naomi Jones IG: @NaomiJones._ Episode topics: vaginismus, sexual health, Planned Parenthood, gynecologist, hymen, therapist, fear of sex, anxiety, sexual pain, trust in relationships, mental aspects of sex, relaxation techniques, impatience in sex, vaginal dilators, penetrative sex, professional help for sexual pain, sexual wellness, menstrual education, societal stigmas, pop culture, and sex, first sexual experience, sexual identity, LGBTQ, threesomes, strap-on use, breathing during intercourse, early sexual activity, fear of penetration, burning sensation during sex, seeking medical advice —

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