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Kim Russell Is The Only One Who Kept Her Promise Episode 29

podcast December 10, 2019

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 Imagine being an actress, dating celebrity after celebrity and then (predictably) finding the love of your life on a film set, getting married and having three beautiful babies and then feeling that your life is completely complete.

Actress and producer, Kimberly Russell and her husband, Michael Bonewitz, made the decision together to put her acting career on hold while she raised their three children. But a chance encounter with a stranger, a mom at her kid’s school, threw them all an unexpected curveball: Her dying wish was to have Kim and Michael take her five children after she died and raise them as her own.

What would you do if you were faced with a question that would change your life and those of an entire family that isn’t your own? Would you do the unimaginable and take on an act of kindness that would be worthy of sainthood? Or would you look for a more reasonable solution in order to protect the family that you had worked so hard to curate.

Finding Kim Russell:

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