JOAT Podcast Episode 17 Featuring Author and Educator Shaquille Spearman

podcast April 29, 2022

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As a kid Shaquille Spearman knew that in order to be successful he had to make some lifestyle changes. Growing up in Shorter Gardens where drugs and crime were easily accessible, Shaq knew he had to find a way out. Gravitating to sports discovering he was worthy enough to play at a higher level Shaq used sports as his motivation to dive deep into the books. Earning a scholarship to Kansas then leaving to play at Arkansas State University where injuries detoured his football career, Shaq began  to want to learn himself more and why his emotions  led him to react to situational occurrences. In this podcast Shaq shares how he underwent changes to find himself where we have today, Author of Bearing The Fruit of Love, Educator, Math Cambridge Instructor, Curriculum Creator of Mnemonics, Husband, Father…. Shaquille Spearman!

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