It all starts in the womb feat. Tracy LeFleur

podcast April 19, 2022

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We are joined by the amazing Life and Embodiment Coach, Tracy LeFleur, she educates us on the practice of “Womb Healing,” (abdominal massage for men) and why it is hugely beneficial in helping to relieve issues like feelings of separation, anxiety, indecisiveness and inability to set boundaries. When the womb is out of centre and does not receive enough blood flow it can lead to  all kinds of physical and emotional blocks. Tracy explains that because the womb is an organ it’s tissues hold memories both bad and good, womb healing is commonly used to help relieve traumas, some of which may be passed down from your mother and even ancestors! This conversation was incredibly interesting and enlightening and we can’t wait to have our virtual session with Tracy. Before Tracy joins us we chat about our first “normal” Easter in 2 years, Jess’s weekend celebration, where we are in our microdosing journey and what Lauren’s 95-year old Grannie with severe memory loss said this weekend that blew her away. 

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