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I Stayed After The Cheating, But I Can’t Stop Thinking of Their Affair

June 17, 2024

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Your husband has an affair. You take the conventional path and seek out couples’ therapy and probably individual therapy. It feels like the persistent negative thoughts, ruminations about his affair, visions of his intimacy with the affair partner, the anger and resentment won’t go away. My guest today is our beloved regular contributor Beth Miller, marriage coach and owner of Soulifywellness. Beth shares her thoughts on some of the most frequently asked questions about infidelity like: What’s the first thing to do if you catch your spouse or partner? Will I ever be able to trust again? Why would he cheat if he says he loves me? What did I do if anything to provoke this? And most importantly —how can I and will I ever get over this heartache and pain? Join me for an informative discussion on the ground breaking techniques Beth uses to help betrayed wives find peace and a clear path forward in just 12 weeks!

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IG @cheatingwhenlovelies.

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Beth Miller- Soulify Marriage Saver Program. www. soulifywellness.com

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