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How to Strengthen Your Friendships, Make New Friends, and Navigate Friendship Changes with Danielle Bayard Jackson

podcast February 13, 2024

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As we get older, it feels like opportunities to make friends diminish. Even finding the time to maintain the friendships we already have can feel more challenging.

Between busy schedules, demanding jobs, family obligations and other responsibilities, we are left with little time for socializing, wondering how to be closer to those who make us feel like home.

In today’s episode, I’m sitting down with female friendship coach and educator, Danielle Bayard Jackson for tangible tips on how to overcome these challenges to spice up your social life, make new friends, and embrace the ebs and flows of friendship for years to come!

We also talk about…

  • The surprising connection between friendship and our long-term health.
  • How to navigate friendships through different seasons of life.
  • Types of friendships and how to find the aligned friends you need
  • Why friendship breakups feel so devastating, and how to cope
  • How to leverage technology to make new friends
  • How to create friendship rituals and stay connected even when you have limited capacity
  • Identifying what friendship success looks like for you


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