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How To Save Your Child From Drowning with Michael Petrella O2 Swim

podcast March 11, 2024

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In this episode, host Victoria Lauture Duncker interviews Michael Petrella, an Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) instructor, about his journey and the importance of teaching self-rescue swimming skills to infants and young children. Michael shares his personal motivation for becoming an ISR instructor and highlights the need for children to learn how to obtain their own air and float in the water. He explains the process of becoming an ISR instructor and the behavioral psychology behind teaching children these life-saving skills. Michael also addresses common myths and misconceptions about infant swimming and the dangers of relying on puddle jumpers and floaties. In this conversation, Mr. Michael Petrella discusses the importance of water safety and the role of ISR (Infant Swimming Resource) and O2 Swim in teaching children self-rescue skills. He also highlights the importance of teaching skills in different water environments and shares real-life examples of lives saved through self-rescue lessons. He encourages parents to take action and find access to lessons, including scholarships, to ensure their child's safety. The conversation concludes with a discussion on the joy of being an instructor and the need for more instructors to meet the demand for water safety education.


00:00 Introduction and Background
01:17 Michael's Journey to Becoming an Infant Swimming Resource Instructor
09:35 What are Self-Rescue Swimming Skills?
10:35 Teaching Self-Rescue Skills to Infants
12:28 Starting Age for Self-Rescue Lessons
13:06 Handling Overconfident and Apprehensive Children
14:17 Challenges Faced in Teaching Self-Rescue Skills
24:09 Dangers of Puddle Jumpers and Floaties
27:57 The Tragic Story of Emi
30:52 Teaching Skills in Different Environments
34:12 Real-Life Examples of Lives Saved
38:11 The Role of Parents in Fostering Water Safety
39:00 Access to Lessons and Scholarships
44:26 The Convenience of Puddle Jumpers
46:35 The Joy of Being an Instructor
51:12 Teaching Children the Way They Learn
54:03 The Need for More Instructors

For more information on Michael Petrella and O2 Swim:
Instagram and TikTok: @mr.michaelpetrella

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