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How to Promote Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging in Sports with Dr. Victor Kidd

September 26, 2022

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We are often told that vulnerability signifies weakness and that tears are for losers. Many of us were trained to suppress our emotions and to let our cries be unheard. There seems to be a strict requirement always to let bravery be evident in our faces and that even a slight display of vulnerability must be forbidden. Here, we start to lose sight of what mental toughness truly entails.

Mental toughness is essential for someone to be successful in life. However, at some point, in the lives of athletes, it could lead them to abuse themselves so that it doesn’t work anymore for their excellence. We must never compromise our general wellness while striving to be mentally tough. We must realize that to be vulnerable doesn’t show fragility. Thus, being vulnerable is allowing other people to check on you and help you when you feel helpless. We must always ask for assistance from someone reliable and able to help us cope with difficulties. Because as mentioned in this episode, don’t make yourself an island when you’re struggling.


Dr. Victor D. Kidd is a Sports Mental Health Consultant and Sports Psychotherapist who utilizes his clinical training to impact systems in sports organizations and athletes. He is also the CEO and founder of Kidd Wellness Solutions and Consulting, LLC. Dr. Kidd currently assists the National Basketball Association (NBA) on various initiatives that support their innovative approach to supporting key stakeholders. In addition, Dr. Kidd works as a Clinician/ Psychotherapist at Basics Group Practice, LLC providing therapeutic services to athletes, first responders, and Black males experiencing trauma, general and performance anxiety, depression, and co-occurring disorders. 


In this special episode with Dr. Victor Kidd, we’ll learn about the man who is truly genuine and passionate about the work that he is doing. He believes that a therapeutic relationship is crucial to lifelong fulfillment. He will elucidate mental toughness in its most beneficial context and make us realize that every person should have access to a secure environment where they can deal with stress and happiness. 


“Mental toughness is no longer mental toughness when it is at the detriment of your well-being. It is when we experience dysregulation from trying to push through, unhealthy coping mechanisms, and unhealthy social behaviors.” – Dr. Victor D. Kidd


Topics Covered:

(00:00:00) Introduction + Episode Snippet

(00:00:13) Introducing our special guest, Dr. Victor KIdd

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(00:03:10) Taking a unique path: How did Dr. Kidd go from being a social worker into working with the NBA?

(00:07:29) Being in the right place at the right time: Who is Dr. Victor Kidd?

(00:08:04) Did you establish your own business right away?

(00:09:33) Opportunities that birthed out in a pandemic

(00:10:11) Dr. Kidd’s outstanding exposure in working with the athletes

(00:11:55) Stay ready, so you don’t have to get ready.

(00:12:12) How did your therapy sessions go entirely virtual?

(00:13:16) The benefit of a virtual therapy session: Providing clients their flexibility

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(00:15:01) Be genuine and passionate: How did you leverage your connections to build relationships with big companies?

(00:16:36) Make sure to do good work: It is about relationship building.

(00:17:00) Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: What exactly does it signify and indicate?

(00:20:02) Who is an ideal patient for Dr. Kidd’s virtual therapy session?

(00:22:32) Reverse that curse: Black males are raised not to be vulnerable.

(00:22:56) Final TimeOut with Dr. Victor D. Kidd: How would you differentiate mental toughness to an athlete who wants to push through amid struggles?

(00:24:29) When does mental toughness turn into mental weakness?

(00:25:54) Don’t make yourself an island when you’re struggling.

(00:26:15) Connect with Dr. Victor Kidd


Key Takeaways:

“Most clinicians in the sports space don’t understand the sports business. And having my doctoral degree in sports and entertainment management gave me a lot of understanding of how to intertwine my clinical skill set in the sports and entertainment business.” – Dr. Victor D. Kidd


“I have a unique skill set, and I’ve been blessed. It is the good fortune of being in the right place at the time.”– Dr. Victor D. Kidd


“During the pandemic, it gave us a lot of opportunities as practitioners to leverage what we possess and the skills to help athletes, entertainers, and organizations. And I can say that I was one of those pandemic consulting babies that birthed out of the pandemic.”– Dr. Victor D. Kidd


“Some people say I did this pretty fast, but as I said, I think I just caught lightning in the bottle, and it was in the right place at the right time.”– Dr. Victor D. Kidd


“The virtual space allowed me to grab people, and it made me more accessible.”– Dr. Victor D. Kidd


“It has been beneficial to provide clients with flexibility where they could go off from a meeting and hop on. Especially with gas prices, you don’t have to travel across town and get stuck in traffic or be on vacation, where you’ll have your sessions.”– Dr. Victor D. Kidd


“I think people love that I’m genuine and passionate about my work. I genuinely love what I do. A lot of people say they love what they do, but it does not come out in their behavior.”– Dr. Victor D. Kidd


“When you do good work, people want to expose you to other individuals who may appreciate your good work.”– Dr. Victor D. Kidd


“Diversity is just presence, equity is access, and inclusion is feeling like your voice has been heard. Things have been applied that lead to more equitable opportunities, whether in sports, entertainment, or business. That is a genuine sense of being where you’re supposed to be. And that the steps have been taken for you to feel like you’re within your professional space.”– Dr. Victor D. Kidd


“Speaking from a cultural standpoint, many times the way we were raised as black males is to be strong, tough which means not to be vulnerable. To hold your feelings or be private about it, but we have to try to reverse that curse.” – Dr. Derrick Burgess


“We have to understand that when pushing through becomes dysfunctional or maladaptive to your general wellness or your overall well-being, then it’s problematic.”– Dr. Victor D. Kidd


“But when we are trying to use mental toughness, when we are experiencing distress, which is most of the negative, stressful anxiety, depression, or whatever the case might be dysfunctional, it could work against us and not be of any benefit.”– Dr. Victor D. Kidd


“We have to realize that if you hold things, they can kill you. Stress, addiction, drugs, and depression can kill you. And the best way to combat that is by connecting with others, connecting with groups, connecting with a therapist, a pastor or family members, or whoever you can trust and be vulnerable around.”– Dr. Derrick Burgess


“You have to be connected with someone, don’t make yourself an island when you’re struggling.”– Dr. Derrick Burgess


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