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How To Get Your Dream Job with NBA Marketing VP Jasmine C. Lipford

podcast May 12, 2024

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S8: E2

How To Get Your Dream Job with NBA Marketing VP Jasmine C. Lipford

In this episode, Felicia is joined by Jasmine C. Lipford, Vice President of Marketing for the National Basketball Association, to discuss the ins and outs of working in the sports industry. Jasmine shares valuable insights on navigating the competitive world of sports marketing, emphasizing the importance of staying sharp and taking time to deliberate in decision-making. From demystifying the realities of working in professional sports to highlighting the diverse opportunities within the industry, this episode provides a comprehensive guide for anyone aspiring to pursue a career in sports marketing. Tune in to gain valuable advice and learn from Jasmine’s journey in the sports and entertainment realm.

Key Takeaways in this Episode:

  1. Deliberate Career Planning: Jasmine emphasizes the importance of intentional career moves and planning. She shares her journey from various roles in advertising, consumer packaged goods, and e-retail, to sports and entertainment, detailing how each step was a deliberate part of her goal towards becoming a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). Her approach demonstrates the value of strategic career planning and having a clear vision of one’s career trajectory.
  2. Versatility and Skill Development: Throughout the conversation, Jasmine discusses the necessity of being versatile and acquiring a broad range of skills across different industries. This adaptability has not only enhanced her marketing acumen but also allowed her to thrive in diverse settings. She highlights the importance of learning from each experience and building a comprehensive skill set that includes both creative and analytical aspects of marketing.
  3. Understanding the Realities of Sports Marketing: Jasmine provides insights into the realities of working in sports marketing, contrasting it with other industries like CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) and advertising. She discusses the dynamic and competitive nature of sports marketing, the need for innovation, and the sometimes unpredictable environment, which requires flexibility and a proactive approach. This realistic view helps set appropriate expectations for anyone looking to enter this field or any competitive industry.

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