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How To Buy Land For A New City : The Vision Explained! – David & Donni

podcast December 31, 1969

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This is a clip from How Powerful Are Your Words? – Episode #272 w/ David & Donni

As entrepreneurs it is extremely important to be confident, committed, and principle-driven about the way we choose to move and define success. The power we choose to ascribe to words, roles, and our purpose can be a huge predictor of our level of success, sense of self, and ability to find purpose in what we do everyday. Our DREAMS are shaped by the WORDS WE USE and on this episode we are going to unpack :

– The Connection Between Words and Vision : Why it is important to be more calculated about what we talk about and meditate on and its connection to either develop or stunt our ability to have clear vision.

– Defining Assertiveness and Strength vs. Masculine Energy : Unpacking the “buzzwords” we use as men and women in our culture and how they affect our roles, self-perceptions, and ability to add value to our communities.

– Testing Risk Tolerance & One’s Capacity To Dream : How to assess which investments are wise for you to make considering where you are on your journey and how congruent they are with your dreams.

And more!

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