How to be Savage for Success with Christian “CJ” Beatty

podcast May 22, 2023

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Disappointment to a noble soul is like cold water to a burning metal. It strengthens, tempers, and intensifies but never destroys it. It has been said that life is a complicated path filled with a variety of events, both pleasant and challenging. Hence, it is often through adversity that we truly discover who we are and what we are capable of. Consequently, the challenges we have faced and the hardships that we overcame have shaped our character, resilience, and determination to strive for victory. 


Life circumstances sometimes happen differently than we want them to. It will often cause us to see our weaknesses and limitations. However, we must learn to embrace our failures and keep holding on to why we remain committed to our pursuits of success. As we continue chasing successes, we must never fear setbacks and mistakes. We must also seek guidance and help from others who have encountered the same situations that we might also be in. Let us learn from their examples and never be afraid to face an unfavorable situation while striving to achieve a dream. As our guest speaker believes, “Dreams never stop; they only change.”


Christian “CJ” Beatty, A.K.A “The Baseball & Softball Motivator,” is an international speaker, life coach, author, serial entrepreneur, and a major league baseball draft pick. He is a native of Winston-Salem, North Carolina. His athletic accomplishments led him to be selected in the 2009 Major League Baseball Draft by the St. Louis Cardinals. From there, he soon becomes a hip/hop artist and motivator specializing in teaching and inspiring people to believe in themselves when nobody else does. CJ is passionate and able to engage audiences with inspiring and motivating content. He speaks at conferences, workshops, youth, and collegiate events. His life experiences and honed skills allow him to talk to a wide range of audiences by crossing age and cultural lines.


In this special episode with Christian Beatty, we will learn about the journey of an inspiring man who experienced failure and came at the moment of almost giving up. However, instead of dwelling on its overwhelming travails, CJ learned to embrace disappointments and be his best version. Be encouraged by how he found his calling amidst the darkest days of his career as an athlete and be able to be an effective softball and baseball motivator of today. 


Topics Covered:

(00:00:00) Introduction + Episode Snippet

(00:00:42) Introducing our special guest, Christian Beatty.

(00:02:41) When you swing it, you’ll believe it.

(00:03:10) The Back Story: The Baseball & Softball Motivator

(00:04:56) Nurturing Parenting

(00:05:33) The Formula to Success

(00:06:05) The “Why” that keeps you thriving

(00:07:54) Being a motivational speaker

(00:09:21) The name of the game is sacrifice.

(00:11:14) You have to have the championship mentality.

(00:12:31) Share your failures.

(00:13:30) Never be afraid of failures.

(00:15:04) Why does CJ Beatty become a softball and baseball motivator?

(00:17:05) Focusing on consistency rather than views.

(00:19:15) You can’t lead yourself to a place you’ve never been.

(00:20:15) Ahead start: Learning from other people’s mistakes.

(00:22:00) The Mental of Baseball

(00:23:31) The application of knowledge is power.

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(00:24:45) A savage for success

(00:26:29) Be the best version of yourself.

(00:29:48) Celebrate your mental born day.

(00:31:39) Who’s taking care of the mental health of athletes?

(00:33:42) The humble beginning: Socially Global 365

(00:36:25) It’s not the Arrow; it’s the Indian.

(00:37:36) YouTube University is free.

(00:40:20) Pay for a lesson instead of paying for a bat.

(00:41:49) Final TimeOut with Christian Beatty: What advice would you provide for young athletes on the verge of quitting their sports and unsure about their next steps?

(00:42:36) Dreams never stop; they change.

(00:43:14) Parents must continue dreaming.

(00:45:16) Connect to Christian Beatty.


Key Takeaways:  


“If you want to do something, you have to be smart and work hard for it.” – Christian Beatty


“My father didn’t understand baseball. He wasn’t even a baseball player. He was a football guy, but he understood the formula to success, and that was hard work.” – Christian Beatty


“I’m thankful for my parents being in my life because they were working together to provide. I saw the sacrifices which instilled me to continue to push past because their sacrifices became my ‘Why.'” – Christian Beatty


“Having a ‘why’ is essential to the development of any dream because it keeps you in the game when adversity sets in, when somebody screams in your face that you’re not good enough when somebody leaves you off of the top list, and when somebody cuts you from a team. Your why is what’s going to keep you in the race.” – Christian Beatty


“I believed that I was going to be a professional baseball player. I believed in it and wanted it, and I couldn’t stop smelling it and tasting it every day. So, I continued to grow, continue to hone my skills.” – Christian Beatty


“The person that I am today is because of the adversity that set in when I got to real life.” – Christian Beatty


“You’re going to be up, and you’re going to be down, but you have to have that winner’s mentality. You have to have that championship mentality to keep pushing through the hard parts.” – Dr. Derrick Burgess


“Vulnerability is the most relatable thing in the world.” – Christian Beatty


“Never be afraid of failure because, without failure, success becomes nearly impossible.” – Christian Beatty

“Once failure leaves, wisdom and experience are last.” – Christian Beatty


“Some of the most breakthrough stories in the world came at the moment of almost giving up. So, that means I have to run towards it because I’m tired of losing and I’m tired of waiting.” – Christian Beatty


“Don’t chase the views; focus on consistency because what you’re going to become in pursuit of it is way more valuable than its physical equivalent.” – Christian Beatty


“You’ll be a fool to say that you’re going to do it your way because how can you lead yourself to a place you’ve never been.” – Christian Beatty


“When you become an expert in something, that’s when they’re going to pay you top dollar.” – Christian Beatty


“If I wasn’t good enough, wait until this next version. It became a proving ground not just for myself, but I’m going to prove everybody that counted me out wrong and everybody that believes in me right.” – Christian Beatty


“The moment that you realize that your life changed on a specific day, it’s imperative that you start to celebrate that day just like you celebrate a birthday.” – Christian Beatty


“People can teach you how to throw a fastball, a curveball, they can teach you how to hit the ball, but at some point, you’re going to need that mental toughness.” – Christian Beatty


“Paying for a lesson instead of paying for a bat.” – Christian Beatty


“Do yourself a favor and take the time to find your next dreams. When a person stops dreaming, they’re dead. Dreams never stop; they change. That’s what they do.” – Christian Beatty


“If you’re a parent, I need you to prime that old diesel up and get that dream factory going again because your kids are watching you. Find something else that’s going to motivate you and drive you because they’re watching you whether they tell you or not; they’re watching you.” – Christian Beatty


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