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How To Avoid A Situationship Ft. Oliver Luke & Mioshi

podcast November 3, 2023

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This week we’re rejoined by host and vibes curated Oliver Luke, and aspiring creative director, Mioshi for a very insightful conversation around situationships and commitment. We unpack if it is possible to mourn the ending of a situationship the same way as the ending of a committed relationship, how to avoid situations that lack commitment, and much more.
We also discuss how people end up in situationships and what can be done to avoid unwanted situationships, as sometimes one person wants a relationship and the other person does not. What advice would you give to avoid ending up in a situationship?
Do people prefer situationships because they fear commitment all around? We unpack the fear of commitment in a relationship and how this fear may mirror in other areas of our lives. Oliver has an epiphany and is transparent with us about his reasoning for his fear of commitment. Do you fear commitment? Let us know in the comments.
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