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Grief and Mental Health for Mental Health Awareness Month

podcast May 26, 2024

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During this episode, hosts, Dr. Portia and Angel Morel discuss how they are personally prioritizing their mental health while grieving. The conversation was candid and informative. Some ways you can prioritize your mental health while grieving are:

1.Allow Yourself to Grieve: Feel your emotions without judgment.
2.Seek Support: Talk to friends, family, or a therapist.
3.Maintain Routine: Keep a regular schedule.
4.Take Care of Your Body: Eat well, sleep enough, and stay active.
5.Relax: Practice deep breathing, meditation, or yoga.
6.Find Creative Outlets: Write, paint, or play music.
7.Avoid Substances: Don’t rely on alcohol or drugs.
8.Set Goals: Focus on small, manageable tasks.
9.Honor Your Loved One: Create a memorial or celebrate their life.
10.Be Patient: Healing takes time.

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