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Full Show | Jasmine Crockett vs Marjorie Taylor Greene, Diddy’s Apology, K9 Turns On Officer, and MORE

podcast May 20, 2024

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Amanda Seales and the crew react to Representative Jasmine Crockett doesn’t hold back as she confronts Marjorie Taylor Greene during a heated Oversight Hearing Committee meeting. We also dive into North Carolina’s controversial push to ban masks in public, and we discuss the shocking leaked video of Sean Combs from 2016. Plus, don’t miss our “Big Up Let Down” segment, where we highlight a brave police K9 who defied orders and a priest’s shocking sermon that left his congregation in disbelief.

In our Blackurate News segment, we cover the latest headlines, including updates on Donald Trump’s hush money trial, the aftermath of severe weather in Houston, and the 2024 BET Awards nominations. We’ll also celebrate Simone Biles’ recent triumph and honor Emancipation Day in Tallahassee, Florida. Finally, we kick off our Group Chat Topic of the Week and delve into the intriguing stories behind the scenes.

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(02:36) – Blackurate News: In a serious case of don’t start no ish won’t be no ish, things took a turn at the Oversight Hearing Committee when Marjorie Taylor Greene made this comment about Representative Jasmine Crockett.
(07:49) – Part 2 of Jasmine Crockett
(10:27) – 60 Second Headlines

Story 1: Donald Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen goes back on the stand today.

Story 2: Remnants of severe weather continue to impact Houston, Texas and surrounding areas as hundreds of thousands of residents still don’t have their power restored.

Story 3: BET has announced the 2024 BET Awards nominees. 

Story 4: 2024 is looking golden so far for Simone Biles. Biles, the 37-time world and Olympic medalist, won the Core Hydration Classic over the weekend in Hartford, Conn.
(16:17) – Weekend recap
(21:57) – State of the States: Republican lawmakers in North Carolina are advancing a bill to repeal a pandemic-era law allowing mask-wearing in public for health reasons.

(27:44) – Pop Culture: After a 2016 surveillance video was leaked showing Sean “Diddy” Combs physically assaulting his then-girlfriend, Cassie Ventura, Diddy has taken to IG to issue an ‘apology.’
(33:03) – Big Up, Let Down

Big up – A police K9 decided to break rank by lunging at one of the officers, grabbing onto his arm and refusing to let go.

Let down – Father McHale, a 53-year-old priest, didn’t just ruffle a few feathers; he plucked the whole bird when he told the congregation that Jesus had an erection when he died on the cross.

(39:05) – It’s also Emancipation Day in Tallahassee, Florida… Emancipation was proclaimed in Tallahassee on May 20, 1865.
(40:56) – Blackurate News: 21 crew members have been stranded on the Dali cargo ship that crashed into a Baltimore bridge on March 26.
(45:33) – Kick-off Group Chat Topic of the Week
(49:49) – Part 2 of the Group Chat Topic of the Week
(55:18) – Small Doses segment
(60:36) – And the word of the day is
(62:04) – Politicians say the darndest things

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