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From Material Success to Spiritual Wealth | Exposing J-Griff

podcast February 2, 2024

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As I sat with J-Griff in a random Peer Space in San Diego, a wave of curiosity washed over me—how does one's spiritual journey intertwine with entrepreneurship? That's precisely what we talked about in our conversation, where the depths of the human spirit meet the heights of business ambition. We traverse my own early spiritual dialogues, tying these profound experiences to the elusive concept of the strawman.

This podcast is a practical guide to cultivating a life rich in purpose and peace. From my own story of empowerment in entrepreneurship to J-Griff.

Our episode doesn't shy away from the tougher questions. We tackle the societal shifts post-2020, from political stagnation to the looming threat of automation, while not forgetting the vital role personal relationships play in paving the route to self-realization. This episode isn't just a podcast; it's an invitation to join us on a journey to conscious wealth, where success is measured not by what's in your bank, but by the wealth within.


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