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From Actor to Authentic Self with Adrian Grenier

podcast September 28, 2022

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There’s that quote: ‘First I was smart, and I tried to change the world. Then I got wise, and I tried to change myself.’ What I’ve leaned into now is: let me stop soap-boxing and telling everyone else what to do. And let me start looking at myself. I was a fraud in many ways because I felt that I had to represent the thing, but I didn’t have to be the thing.”

Adrian Grenier was an A-list actor who had it all, including fame, money, and influence. But even in the midst of great success, Adrien realized he wasn’t truly the person he wanted to be. He walked away from it all in pursuit of a deeper vision and a higher calling. This week Adrian lets us in on his powerful personal journey. We get a glimpse into the inner and outer work he’s done to get to where he is, and how he went from representing causes to embodying those causes. Today Adrian lives a life in harmony with his values as a creative and effective environmentalist, entrepreneur, and change agent. Tune in to hear a strikingly honest conversation about how to live with integrity and make a positive difference.

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