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Fate don’t care about plans and destiny don’t like pity parties

podcast March 12, 2023

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In today’s episode, we talk about Fate and Destiny. Is there some invisible hand interfering on our behalf? And does that give you the liberty to just give up and assume ‘Fate’ will do its job without you putting in the work?  Ashley discusses the importance of being able to tell when you’re on the wrong path and there always being windows of opportunities to get back to the right road.  Ress talks about recognizing when you’re being blocked out of opportunities that will take you off your path and how the most random of things could be leading you exactly where you’re meant to be. As Ress said, “Fate might have brought you to greatness, and you might be like, this is cool… I’m comfortable, but it doesn’t mean destiny doesn’t have something even better for you to work towards”.

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