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Exposure w/ printmaker Vanessa Meshack

June 14, 2024

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Vanessa Meshack is fresh off her first solo gallery show at Pencil and Paper Gallery and a feature in the international printmaking magazine Pressing Matters. Now she joins her favorite art podcast, Studio Noize, to talk about her new career. Vanessa was one of the super fans featured on the 100th episode! She’s made huge leaps in her art practice since she me JBarber out at Print Austin years ago. She discusses the way that making art has helped her find herself again, how she began exploring printmaking, and the challenges of setting up a new studio practice. Listen, subscribe, and share!

Episode 187 topics include:

Inner Visions solo show at Pencil and Paper Gallery

figuring out a direction

obstacles on the way to making art

falling in love with printmaking

using yourself as a reference

expressing yourself through art

being featured in Pressing Matters magazine

print nerding out over monoprinting

separating your practice from your business

Vanessa Meshack bio:

In her profound journey towards self-actualization, Vanessa Meshack draws upon spiritual guidance, memory’s whispers, graceful movement, and rich experiences to craft abstract figurative masterpieces. Her creations convey not just strength, healing, vulnerability, and joy, but also embody the intricate tapestry woven by intersectionality, shaping her unique worldview. Rather than dwelling on the shadows of overlapping social identities, Vanessa reframes the narrative, showcasing the elegance that blooms from embracing one’s inner wisdom. Her chosen mediums, such as drawing, fiber, and printmaking techniques like monotype and woodcut, are meticulously applied to archival paper and fabric. Through stitching and quilting, she imparts intention, infusing her work with a profound meditative essence. Vanessa Meshack, a self-taught maestro, channels her artistic voyage into her prints. Her monotypes, a dance of ink and texture, create vignettes of her narrative. Her studio, nestled in a detached garage apartment in Dallas, Texas, serves as her sanctuary. Here, she transforms solitude into eloquent expressions, demonstrating the boundless potency of artistic exploration. 

See more: Vanessa Meshack website + Vanessa Meshack’s IG @vlmeshackart

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