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Episode 56: Season 5 Premiere: Catching Up, Wills for Wealth, and Hot Topics Unwrapped

podcast February 6, 2024

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Welcome back to the "Anomalous Black Women" podcast! In our season 5 opener, Episode 56, Bina, Tasha, and Dr. TJ reunite after a rejuvenating winter break to share their journeys and what's been brewing. This episode isn't just a catch-up; it's a deep dive into crucial conversations, starting with the importance of wills and estate planning in the Black community. Why is it vital for Black people to have a will, and how does it impact wealth preservation and generational legacy? Our hosts tackle this topic head-on, providing insights, personal anecdotes, and practical advice to ensure your assets and wishes are respected and protected.

But that's not all – the trio also dives into the current hot topics making waves in the news. From groundbreaking achievements to pressing social justice issues, Bina, Tasha, and Dr. TJ offer unique perspectives, blending humor, wisdom, and critical analysis. Whether you're here for the laughs, the lessons, or the latest news, Episode 56 of the "Anomalous Black Women" podcast promises to kick off the new season with a bang. Tune in, get inspired, and join the conversation as we explore the power of being informed, intentional, and invincible.

Youtube links: Meg & Nikki – https://youtu.be/dIG86mlZ-1A?si=1wEDypsEMqOTvNFF

GA. DA. Fani Willis – https://youtu.be/D3UBNI9TOPE?si=ro7TxGUgCLDQZwY0

Oprah – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zX_ipuu2uqU

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