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Episode 3: Is This Nepotism?

podcast March 20, 2024

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We hope you had a good night’s rest because today’s episode requires your full attention. Joy and Taylor start with the show with their thoughts on dating reality shows, from Love is Blind to The Bachelorette, and which one they would have the most success at finding love. They also discuss the importance of attraction and height preferences in relationships, and Joy’s answer may surprise you.

Finally, please raise your hand if you were today’s years old when you learned Mariska Hargitay is a nepo baby. Many people had no clue that the beloved Detective Benson from Law & Order: SVU is the daughter of Actress Jayne Mansfield with her husband Mickey Hargitay. Well, get ready for more surprises as Joy and Taylor explore the topic of nepotism, their family tree, and how it has influenced their lives. The conversation delves into the impact of privilege and the role of luck in achieving success. How has it made them feel? Are they uncomfortable with their advantages in life? It’s time to get personal.

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