Episode 279 | Congrats Kendrick

podcast June 21, 2024

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TGIF! This was a long and fun-filled week but we start the episode off with the biggest event – Kendrick Lamar popping out in LA at The Forum. We streamed the event with our Patreon members on Discord, so if you’re gang, you saw initial reactions in real time. If you didn’t, Rory & Mal recap what they honestly thought of the show. They get into the actual music (04:30), whether this is considered an L for Drake or not (21:00), and address the hypocrisy of bringing Dr. Dre on stage (29:43). Our dear friend of the show Westside Boogie had an amazing performance with his idol, which leads us to ask – Can/Should you idolize your peers? (39:20) Yesterday was, most importantly, Juneteenth (TO FREEDOM!) and in blasphemous fashion, Julian decided to spend it with two white men and Masego (46:50). Rory informs us of how he once again made the room awkward, this time in front of a group of beautiful women. We then listen to the craziest voicemail we’ve ever received (55:33) and we attempt to give a woman some loving advice (of course, we fail and laugh at her, but what’s new). Then we have a caller who is dating some one much more normal than ol’ Nutcracker from the last voicemail – he just wants to know how to pursue a successful woman while still working toward his own come up. (1:11:51). We do a quick recap of some recent movies and tv shows (1:26:34), and then give some flowers to our late friend, legendary chef James Kent (1:30:21).

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