Episode 250: Oh, Ya’ll Back BACK!

podcast March 22, 2023

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Tune in this week with TT, GG and DD as we’re DOWN IN ATLANTA and finally in person and yes, we’re back back. We take a moment to go back in time and talk about our favorite ATL songs. DD starts screaming about stilettos pumps being in the club and TT goes into the discourse about how we were in business casual in the club. 

GG talks about the meme of Jonathan Majors when he was at the Oscars and TT asks about the “push it out” meme. (If there are children in the room, please fast forward 2 mins after that discussion, hahaha). TT done seen Creed 3 about 3 times, I guess because it’s Creed 3 and wants to get back into boxing. DD calls her Ladonis and GG talks about how she auditioned for Beyonce’s band. 

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