Episode 157: Brave New World Pt.1

podcast July 9, 2024

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Brave New World Pt.1:
It's the beginning of the end, Bruhs! In Part 1 of the epic Boy Meets World series finale, "Brave New World," Cory struggles to accept the changes ahead as he and Topanga prepare to move to New York. But wait—Eric decides he's tagging along too! As the crew packs up, Shawn and Cory share an emotional moment, and Topanga drops a bombshell by inviting Shawn on their new adventure. Is this a happy finale for Eric and Shawn or just a lazy ending? We're breaking down all the feels, laughs, and life lessons in this penultimate episode of Bruh Meets World!

About Bruh Meets World:
Are you inspired by Cory and Topanga's relationship? Or do you believe Cory and Shawn started the original bromance? Join T.C. and Ceej as they embark on a nostalgic journey, exploring the lessons, cultural impact, and timeless charm of the beloved '90s hit, Boy Meets World.

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