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Episode 283 | Hookah Smoke & Insecurities

podcast July 9, 2024

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We were all littttt for the long holiday weekend and can’t wait to tell you about it. JK, we’re washed and did nothing, but we’re going to tell you about it anyway. Rory was forced to socialize with people at a birthday party and in the steam room (09:38) so, if course, he was in hell. We get into a conversation about stealing and Mal shares a story with us about the first time he was involved in fraud (14:02). Demaris was outside for the 4th and is having trouble finding the straight men… she asks the boys for help and of course they laugh at her, but not more than they laugh at Julian’s (failed) content creator bag at the Pangea party (21:28). Michael Rubin had his annual all-white party over the weekend (26:09) while the rest of us watched the ‘Not Like Us’ video (don’t worry, Mal isn’t going off on us today… he took an edible) (37:39). The only question he has as this all comes to an end is – why would Kendrick give Future and Metro that verse/moment? Why not do it solo? We attempt to answer this for him (51:17), and then Rory reaffirms his album of the year (1:02:55). Childish Gambino had a show over the weekend and we discuss predictions for his upcoming album (1:06:38). We have voicemails! Today our first listener wants our opinion on the recent uptick in the use of the word ‘insecurity’ when in reference to men in relationships (1:13:15). Our second listener needs help planning a first date, and of course we give him no advice he could actually use (1:28:23).

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