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Episode 133: Hope for the Innocent Part 1 w/Artis Whitehead

podcast November 2, 2023

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We are taking the next two weeks about something that goes unnoticed in our society. There are THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of people incarcerated today for crimes they did not commit! This is why it is SO important to look at it. The criminal justice system is imperfect and doesn’t always get it right. 

This is where organizations like the Tennessee Innocence Project come in. They are dedicated to exonerating the innocent in Tennessee. 

We are gifted with two separate conversations with two friends. Today’s conversation is with Artis Whitehead. Artis is in prison as we speak but he is almost out! He was accused of robbing a B.B. King’s restaurant in Memphis in 2002 and he. Is. innocent.  

In this conversation, Artis gives hope that is palpable and he is a true BLESSING. I am so thankful to know Artis and to introduce him to you! 


More on Artis’ story HERE: 

Learn more about the Tennessee Innocence Project HERE: 

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