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Episode 075: Feeling Disconnected

podcast January 30, 2023

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It’s been a rough week in our parenting that is following the tough week I had with my gut health. So yeah, ya girl is tired. However, I am also so grateful. Gratitude and grace have kept me going the past couple of weeks. Travis and I have experienced extended moments of feeling disconnected this past week. Travis tried to use humor to reconnect, I was just not feeling it. Sometimes, the things we love about our partners are annoying during stressful times. 

How could we set boundaries in our romantic relationships? Specifically boundaries around when we can unload our mental stress on our partners? Is it strange to ask your partner if they have the capacity to hear us vent? 

We complete this very intimate conversation with 4 questions from “The And” Long Term Relationship Box set. Find out what Travis and I have learned about love, what keeps us going strong, what we envision our next chapter as, and what mistakes we constantly make. 

Best, Stephanie. 

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