Episode 07-Invite Change to a Seat at the Table

podcast October 8, 2020 2

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Are you tired of not pulling the trigger on things you have planned for so long? A paraphrased recommendation from Tony Robbins is to learn the importance of asking quality questions that lead to actionable answers. Instead of focusing all of our energy on the problems we are having, we are better off redirecting our energy towards the solutions. Join us as we discuss inviting change into our lives and what it means for the people who we are connected too.

More often than not, we do not ask ourselves the right questions because we are afraid that the answer will mean we have to commit our time and effort to getting things done. Today we are taking a deep swift dive into the possible reasons you’re afraid to open the door to the change (or change agents) you need. Let’s avoid questions that lead to answers that are rooted in fear and ultimately set you up for failure and ask, the hidden questions that unlock the path to our success. What are those changes that you’re going to have to make in order to make room for the success that you want? Who are you giving the keys to your future and happiness?

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