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Episode 019: Rub It In Circles

podcast October 31, 2021

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Happy Halloween from Stephanie & Travis! 

OMG “JaDA EmBaRaSsEd WiLi AgAin”, but did y’all actually listen to what she said? Travis and Stephanie did and y’all need to put away your pitch forks. Don’t believe everything you see online. ALWAYS be skeptical when the internet is attempting to bash women. This conversation leads to discussions about sex, communication, sexual affirmations, vulnerability, and sexual accountability. Stephanie admits to Travis for the first time that she was holding back in expressing a sexual desire. 

After gaining 1000+ new followers on TikTok within a couple of days, many of their comments were SPOOKY. So Stephanie and Travis dig a little deeper into the “1 in 4 couples sleep separately” statistics, cover more nuances with a focus on quality of sleep. Misogyny was also trending in their comments.  So you know Stephanie had a lot to say.

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