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Ep 99 – Girlfriend Rejects Proposal After 10 years of Dating

podcast March 22, 2024

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(2:32) How’s Dad Life?
(8:04) Who’s Your Favorite TV Dad?
(9:54) AMAZING KIDS SEGMENT!! Girl Fights Thru Adversity To Win First MMA Match.
(11:42) Woman Throws A Newborn Baby Into A Dumpster To Dispose Of The Child.
(18:55) A Child’s Body Found In A Duffle Bag In An Alleyway In Philadelphia.
(20:45) New Jersey Man Arrested For Approaching A Student In School In Defense Of His Daughter.
(34:29) Would You Outsource Sex With Your Wife.
(42:44) Deadbeat Man Stands On Him Being A Deadbeat.
(56:10) Father Attacks Man In Court That Threw His Toddler In The River.
(61:12) It’s Nomore Good Men!
(70:10) Man Proposes To His Girlfriend Of 10 Years And She Declines.
(75:29) NEW DAD TIP!!!! Watch Who Kisses Your Kids.
(77:00) UNFIT TO BE A PARENT!! Woman Attempts To Throw Child In Front Of Moving Vehicle.
(79:17) ASK LOU & DRE!! Are You More Likely To Date A Woman With Kids If You Have Kids??

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