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Ep 624 | NBA All-Star Game Confirms American Basketball Is Dead; Jason Whitlock Can Fix It | Ep 624

podcast February 19, 2024

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“Michael Jordan was serving up full-course meals while LeBron James and the players now are serving up burgers and fries.” All-Star weekend left a bad taste in the sports world’s mouth — including Jason’s. He unpacks the surrounding universal discontent with that hot mess. Sunday’s NBA All-Star Game was just the latest in a decades-long series of obituaries detailing the tragic passing of American hoops. Despite a promise to deliver a more competitive All-Star Game, Sunday’s contest may have been the worst in history. Men’s basketball is dead. Silver cannot resuscitate what his predecessor, Commissioner David Stern, killed. How do you go from Michael Jordan playing all 82 regular-season games in nine of his 15 seasons to begging players to play 65? You create an anti-American culture that seduces multimillionaires into believing they’re victims of racist capitalists, that’s how. The NBA needs a revolutionary war and makeover. Adam Silver is not the right leader for this war. He’s a peacetime consigliere. He’s not built for the kind of upheaval necessary to fix the NBA. Have no fear, Jason has devised a solution that may well be the NBA’s last hope if it ever wants to return to its former glory. Plus, Steve Kim joins “Fearless” to share his thoughts on the state of the NBA, and Shemeka Michelle weighs in on the rumor mill surrounding Texans QB C.J. Stroud, Amber Rose, and the Kardashians.

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